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The Founder's Inn


Winter Courses

Our Infant & Toddler Survival Courses

Flowering Almond Spa, located at The Founders Inn. 





sandpiper  - 16 months to 2 1/2 years

Course Dates: TBD - Please submit a reservation form!

Time:  (water instruction is 30 minutes in length)

Pricing: $80 Per Month or $25 Per Session *Course is continuous for marked achievement


These skills teach children not to panic and ingest water while also giving them life saving skills they will need in emergency situations. 

No Prerequisites: Parents accompany their child in the water. Instructions for different techniques are given to parents to help children become comfortable in the water.

Goal of Class: Beginning swimming skills. Establish underwater comfort, back float (assisted), introduction to roll from front to back.

*Limit of four per class; waiting list of two per session.